The Four Letter Word Christians Use Often

We have all said this four letter word at one time or another. Some wear it as a badge of honor. Seriously folks what's so awsome about being busy.The glare from my computer screen seems brighter than normal today. My eyes are heavy, not in a I’m-going-to-fall-asleep any minute; more like weary. I can’t say I’ve been busy (oh how I dislike the word busy; it’s used way too much).

I know what busy looks like. As an RN on a Bone Marrow Transplant unit, busy, was a tad short of overwhelmed. Busy, was a good night, it meant everything that needed doing for your patients got done even if you missed lunch, and your bladder felt the size of a soccer ball. All the nurses reading this post are now nodding frantically in agreement.


Busy doesn’t make us more important


Sometimes life is simply busy, and sometimes we make it busy. Then there are times we say we are busy because we are embarrassed to admit we are not. Seriously folks what’s the attraction to being busy? It doesn’t make us more important.

In those times of simply busy we have little choice then to go with the flow, finding white space wherever we can. For me when my kids were small that was often the bathroom; at least until the little one wanted to join me. Perhaps doing a devotional during your lunch break works for you. It’s more important to have a time to breathe, a time to regain strength, a time when it’s just you and the Lord then where you do it.

Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place, where he prayed. Mark 1:35

Often we ourselves make life busy through our choices. We say yes, when we should say no. Why do we do that? I’m sure there are many reasons, here are just a few, (1) We don’t want to disappoint the other person. (2) We feel if we don’t do it no one will. (3) Fear of missing out (FOMO). (4) Afraid to say no. It is not always another person we say yes to, sometimes we take on tasks to prove something to ourselves. We need to extend grace to ourselves and learn to say no at the appropriate times. Helping others is good, but not if we are doing it through guilt or fear, or even pride.

If I got a dollar for every time someone sighed a reply, “I’m busy” to my enquiry of their well being I would be rich. Other than those occasions or seasons when busy is not of our making we are pretty much in-charge of our own schedule. Schedule yourself into your schedule, you are worth it. Don’t be embarrassed or apologetic for not being busy.

I’m not talking about being lazy that is whole different ballgame. I talking about living life at a pace that is healthy, a pace that allows for quiet times with the Lord. A pace that allows us to be fully present with friends and family. A pace where we can focus on what we have been called to focus on, and we can’t do that if we are running all over the place trying to be everything to everyone.

Helpful Tips

Find your white space, go there often.

Spend time daily with the Lord.

Learn when to say yes and when to say no.

Schedule yourself into your schedule.

Find your healthy pace and live in it.

Busy does not make us more important.

We each have a part to play in God’s plan. If we are running ourselves ragged running here, there and everywhere even if it’s for the Kingdom we will run out of steam. Pace yourself, run hard after God, then only run to the things He directs you to.

Live Radiant  in Christ


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