Valentine’s Day: Flowers or Not; You Are Loved

Valentine’s Day. The very name conjures thoughts of excitement, hope or dread.

Will he bring me flowers?

If he does, will it be a bouquet of roses? Ah perhaps several bouquets delivered at intervals through out the day (we can but dream). Maybe he’ll go for a more simple style and send or hand deliver a single stem rose?

Will he even think of me?

These questions not only plague single ladies in relationships,they plague married ones too.

Sure it would be nice if our loved one brought or had delivered a bouquet of flowers…or even a single stem. It would be even more endearing if he thought of it without prompting from us. While it may be romantic; it is not a measure of his love. His love is shown in the day to day.

Does he show you respect? Yes ladies like to be respected just the same as men.

Is he thoughtful towards you? Or does he put himself first most (if not all) of the time?

Does he love you as Christ loves the Church; with every fiber of his being?

He brought me to the banqueting house, and his banner over me was love.

Song of Solomon 2:4 KJV

Valentine’d Day may or may not bring us flowers. Our loved one may or may not show his love in a manner we think he should. Valentine’s Day may leave us feeling disappointed.

Valentine's Day; the name alone can conjure thoughts of excitement, hope and dread. Flowers or not; you are loved One thing we can rely on is God’s love for us. His love is steady. It is an every day, day after day love we can count on. One we can know here in this life and one that will continue throughout eternity. Eternity. I want to say that’s a very long time; but heck time doesn’t  exist in eternity. His love is never ending. Our Heavenly Father declares his love over us through Jesus.

Flowers or not. You and I sister, are so dearly loved by the One who loves like no other. We can truly rest in His love for us. I love how The Passion Translation (TPT) expresses Song of Solomon 2:6 (italics mine)

“His left hand cradles my head while his right hand holds me close. I am at rest in this love.”

You are Loved


What is one way you are resting in the love of Christ this Valentine’s Day? Know a friend who is struggling to rest share this post with her.

Live Radiant in Christ


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