Welcome. If you are like me you are probably pulled in many directions. Home, family, work, church and friends all requiring your time and talent. It’s hard to find some “Me Time” and, when you do it’s short lived. Bearing that in mind I promise you my posts will be brief. I do hope you will find them a source of enjoyment, encouragement and inspiration; a place to rest and be refreshed.

My passion is Jesus, how He loves me unconditionally. The grace He extends to me just blows my mind away and I am forever thankful. The desire of my heart is for you to know this same unconditional love and mind blowing grace of Jesus.

About Me

Born and raised in South Wales, Great Britain my husband, two children and I emigrated to America in 1992 settling in central Arkansas where we still reside to this day. My children, one married and one single live close by. I’m a grand-mother to three awesome kids (13,10 and 7) all of whom share my love of ice cream.

Besides family and ice cream I’m crazy about the local church and God’s daughters whether they have been saved five minutes or seventy five years. Working through a bible study with a group of women is something I cherish. My other interests include, reading Christian fiction and non-fiction, walking, improving my skill in graphics and the craft of writing.

Enough about me. I look forward to getting to know you

Helena Davies