Does Your Avatar Elude You? How I found Mine

“Create your avatar,” they said. Decide on the following, what is her (I write for women) age? Is she married? Single, kids, no kids? Paid work or stay at home mom/grandma? Give her a name and tape a photo of her on your computer.

All good advice.

My avatar eluded me. Does yours? The struggle is real. Read how I found mine. I hope it encourages you in your search for yours.I wrote and rewrote my avatar refining and defining the details of her life…

…and I felt confined.

I continued to write in an attempt to find my perfect description of her. Honestly, she eluded me. How could I confine this woman to a ten year span, let’s say 30-40 years old when there were women younger and older with the same problem looking for answers. If I was writing on issues primary affecting the lives of the 30-40 year old I get it, but I’m not.

Now before you think I’m pitching a course, a webinar or a book let me put your mind at rest. I am not. I do not have a course, webinar or book to offer you, maybe in the future, but not now. Your credit card is safe sister. I’m simply coming to you with my issue in finding my avatar. A issue you may also be experiencing.

If you are a writer, blogger or entrepreneur you know the difficulties regarding narrowing your niche and finding your avatar.

The internet is loaded with coaches wanting to give advice. They give a tad bit of advice for free to spike your interest in their paid course. I’m not against paying for a course if the cost is reasonable, some though, are astronomical in price especially for the person just getting started.

A Clearer Understanding

Finally, or so I thought, I arrived at my avatar having ditched most of the demographic side of her and concentrated on the problem she had instead. I felt pretty good having defined her issue. That was until I joined a free live online coaching event. The presenter asked the attendees to write their avatar in the comments, then proceeded to give each person advice. Normally I would stay back and learn from afar, this time was different.

The presenter read my avatar and proceeded to advise. It was good advice though part of it was pretty standard; define the gender, age and so on. The second part caused me to think.

This is what I wrote: I write for the woman who struggles knowing her worth in Christ, and for the woman wanting but shy of stepping out into the call God has placed in her heart.

The advice given was narrow my focus by choosing between the two women. I spent the evening mulling over the advice. My heart wanted to reach out to both. Perhaps the first lady could be helped through a church group, and the second in an online coaching group. I prayed asking God for a more clear understanding.

This is where I landed, while they can certainly be two different groups, however I realize being unsure of our worth in Christ causes us to shy away from stepping into our calling. My two ladies became one person. Time to rewrite my avatar.

Take away:

(1) You won’t get your avatar right first time, or second or third. You do however have to start and tweak it as you go.

(2) Before you shell out money for a coach listen to their free class. They may sound good in print, but can you stand to listen to them. If something about them irritates you such as their voice or mannerism you are likely not going to pay attention to their advice.

(3) Shop around for a coach, find one in your field. If you write get one who coaches writers. If you speak then one who specializes in helping speakers. You get my drift.

(4) If you are starting out on your journey look for lesser known coaches who come recommended. They are usually cheaper and give the same starting advice as the bigger names.

Thank you for coming on this journey with me. I pray you get a clear vision of your calling, your avatar and your why.

Live Radiant in Christ