Seven Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying

I told the young lady my order was A-La-Carte. I did not want fries with my order, she acknowledged my request. Though the company had a staff member outside taking orders the car line moved slowly…hmm, perhaps they needed Chick-fil-A  service training?

Third window down and I am handed my order with not just one container of fries, but two. I checked with the server that I was indeed charged for A-La Carte and not a combo meal. She assured me the fries were free and hoped I enjoy them.

I didn’t want to enjoy. I didn’t want to eat. That’s why I didn’t order them.

I had placed my order on the front passenger seat next to me, they looked so inviting as I drove away. Somehow, as if an invisible pulley was attached my arm move towards the fries where my fingers engaged the hot slender fried potato.

Next moment I was biting into the fried carbohydrate. Oh it was delicious! As was the rest of the pound adding little strips.

Eating fries was not part of my plan. Obviously it was part of the company’s plan and they won by giving me what they believed I wanted, not what I needed.

Often we run after things we think we need, when really it’s a want placed in our minds by clever advertising. We think it’s a must-have and so we reach for the latest and hottest fashion piece, or kitchen gadget, or marketing course, or whatever draws you in. There is nothing wrong with looking fashionable, or having the latest kitchen gadget (if you actual use it). Nor is there anything wrong with doing a marketing course. But c’mom how many things or courses do we really need before we say a simple, yet firm, NO!

Android Do You Have That App?

Besides french fries. Writing, branding, logos and all things marketing are the ones that draw me in. I noticed on Facebook yet another course one could do, I didn’t need another course, still it got my attention. This one however was how to use your iPhone to add color to photos. Oh my her photos did look interesting as she had added pink to various items such as Tower Bridge in London. My inner voice cried out, I. Want. To. Add. Color. To My. Photos. However, I have an Android and so was saved from diving into yet another course. Come on Android get an app for that.

If you don’t know what you’re doing, pray to the Father. He loves to help. You’ll get his help, and won’t be condescended to you when you ask for it. Ask boldly, believingly, without a second thought. James 1:5 Message Bible

Here’s the thing with social media it’s so easy to get drawn into what looks good, and may indeed be good. But is it good for me? How can we stay on course when temptation to wander comes at us?

Do you get tempted to buy yet another online course, kitchen appliance, fashion item or .... you fill in the blank. Here are seven questions I find helpful to ask myself before buying.7 Questions to Ask

  • Is it good for me at this time?
  • Can I afford it right now?
  • Will it take my focus away from what matters to me?
  • Will it derail my God given dreams?
  • Have I prayed regarding this matter?
  • Will it bring honor to the Lord?
  • Will it add value to my life/family/business/dream/commission?

I ate the fries, they indeed were delicious. However they were not good for me, they did not add nutrition to my body; just calories. I rushed into eating them even before I had exited the restaurant parking lot. In not waiting until I got home (about two miles) the hot, no scratch hot, the very hot fries burnt my lip and the tip of my tongue causing me pain and discomfort for several days.

Moral of this true story is don’t rush in even if something looks good. Wait, ask the Lord for direction and wisdom. Consider the questions previously mentioned regarding time, money, focus, Godly dream, prayer, honor and added value. Let Godly wisdom direct your buying.

Live Radiant in Christ


Photo Credits: Unsplash Fries; Christian Bolt.  Light Bulb; Nathan Dumlao. Girl; Laura Chouette