Finding Real Joy This Christmas

Are you a Christmas tree person? Real or fake? I love my Christmas tree but it was causing a problem and I had a decision to make. Would I allow a mere Christmas tree to dictate whether or not I celebrated Christmas with joy in my heart?

Finding real joy this Christmas is possible when we remember who and why we celebrate. It's easy to get caught up in preparing for Christmas and forget the real reason to celebrate.A myriad of tiny white lights glistened amid purple, pink, silver and jade baubles on my artificial white Christmas tree.

I had given my reds and greens away no longer were they the colors of choice. Nope! I had embraced a new color scheme and was totally happy with the outcome. Standing majestically between the living room window and back door it was a sight to behold…at least in my mind it was.

There was only one problem; my husband was not happy where I placed the tree. The place it had stood the month of December each year for the previous few years.

What changed?

During the summer months I had given the clock that stood on our fireplace mantle to my daughter and had replaced it with a wall clock which now hung…you guessed it…the wall between the window and the back door.

The tree now hides the clock. My husband being the orderly man that he is felt some frustration not being able to see the clock. The following Christmas it was suggested I put the tree in the dining area off the kitchen.

So, there it stood last Christmas relegated to another room where I could only view it while in the kitchen.

Hmm….not happy. Me that is. Maybe the tree wasn’t happy either…just kidding about the tree having feelings before you think I some kind of fake tree weirdo.

When I took the tree down at the end of the season I swore I would not put it up this year unless, I could have it back where tree after tree has stood year after year in this home.

The clock hangs defiantly begging not to be moved. The tree remains in a box on a shelf in the garage and I’m not a happy person.

This last week Christmas tree posts from friends abound on Facebook, and to be honest I felt a little dejected..all because my fake tree was not going up this year…pathetic I know. What does it matter if the tree goes up or not? I was losing the real meaning of Christmas over a fake tree.

Christmas after all is not about the decorations or what food we eat, or which family member gets to host Christmas dinner. Don’t misunderstand me I love tradition, gifts giving (and receiving) and roast potatoes and mince pies (not on the same plate). I especially love a beautiful lit up Christmas tree. All these things are nice.

For unto us a Child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.  Isaiah 9:6

The real celebration starts in our heart.

It’s celebrating Jesus. Celebrating the fact He left heaven and allowed Himself to be born as a baby. Without His birth there would not of been His death or His resurrection. And we dear friend would not have the opportunity to accept His gift of salvation…

…now that is worth celebrating. With or without my tree.

This Christmas decide not to get hung up on details. Rather enjoy family and friends and rejoice together celebrating the main guest…JESUS our source of joy.

Live Radiant in Christ


Photo Credits: Dilyara Garifullin. Toni Cuenca. Christina Winters. Toa Heftiba on Unsplash