Do You Want What God Wants for the Reasons God Wants It?

Who hasn’t at one time or another desired a taste of all eyes on them…at least for a brief moment? Come on be honest with yourself. I know I have. Though we may want the same things as God, we don’t always want them for the same reasons.

Be faithful in the small things. We hear this often, and at first it gives us hope that if we are faithful then the dream in our hearts will definitely come to pass, closed doors will surely open. So we joyfully embrace the small thing that is in our hands to do.

But Lord!

Year after year we plod on doing one small thing after another. One small thing nearer to our turn to shine. Our turn to pass through the door called ministry. We watch as fellow believers rise within the church taking their place among the leaders and ministers; and we slowly lose heart, feeling ignored by the church and overlooked by God.

We cry out in the secret place of our heart where no one but God sees or hear us ,”But Lord, I’ve been faithful in the small things!” and we wonder if he too is ignoring us. Bit by bit we bury the dream, stuffing it so far down we forget it’s there and on life goes; one small thing after the other.

“Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin, to see the plumb line in Zerubbabel’s hand.” Zechariah 4:10

Broken we turn our tearful eyes on Jesus and lean on Him. He heals our broken heart, our dashed hopes and shattered dreams. He restores our soul and we learn to live for His glory and not our own.

We grow in His love and serve in the small things doing them because we love God, we love what He loves and why He loves. Slowly it dawns on us we are ministering. Slowly we realize this is the dream. Doors had opened; they just didn’t have a shiny star with our name on it.

The spotlight no longer desired because we are already radiant in Jesus.


When we want what God wants, for the reasons God wants it. We can’t fail. Steven Furtick.


Growing Into the Dream

The dream looks different from the original dream. It’s far better than any dream we could of imagined for ourselves. It’s bigger. It stretches us. It amazes us. It’s the perfect fit for the way the Lord made us; the person He knew we would become as we grew in the small things.

You are not forgotten. The Lord is not ignoring you; He’s getting you ready. Ready to serve where He needs you. He’s training you to minister with a pure heart, a servant heart not one of a prima donna.

May His dreams become our dreams and may we bring Him honor and glory as we live out those dreams. I love this quote from Steven Furtick, “If we want what God wants, for the reasons God wants it. We can’t fail.” 

Live Radiant


Photo Credits: Open door: Jan Tinneberg/Unsplash.

Peeling Blue Paint: Maarten Deckers/Unsplash

Graphics: Helena Davies