The Sixth Longest River in the USA Has Flooded

Four miles from my house is a river.

Arkansas River before the 2019 flood. Rivers flood the land but worry floods our mindsIt’s the sixth longest river in the USA and the forty-fifth longest in the world. Spring and Fall finds me talking brisk walks along its banks listening to birds chirping as the water rushes by. Summer time calls for a slower pace and the willingness to look a sweaty mess.

Spanning that river is the longest pedestrian/bicycle bridge in the world, one I have walked way too many times to count. School is out so it would be an ideal place to take my grandson…he loves to watch the barges as they go through the lock.

But the river had other plans.

Starting off in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado it flows through Kansas, Oklahoma and Arkansas before entering the mighty Mississippi River. Rising to historic levels the river overflowed its banks flooding far and wide.

Homes both humble and grand are under water, though sand bags were used they were useless against the rushing waters of the Arkansas River. Streams and creeks had no where to go so they also flooded.

Though central Arkansas has an abundance of hillsides it also has valleys and low dips in the road where flood water gathers. Road closures right now are plentiful, as is my favorite walking spots by the sixth longest American river that flows under the longest walking bridge, a.k.a The Big Dam Bridge.

With a how can this be? mentality I looked at photos daily online showing the progression of the flood. The water made its way to the foot of the bridge and within a few days it progressed up the path incline almost covering all of the hand rail. The parking lot, the grassy area for picnics, the restroom all flooded. I know people are more important than somewhere nice to stroll, but seeing the photos of somewhere I know well helped me understand the reach of the flood.

It’s going to take time for the waters to recede and a lot longer for clean up, repairs and rebuilds. College students, churches, voluntary and non voluntary organizations are working together helping those affected by the flood.


What starts off as something small can soon engulf us; flooding our minds with chaos

We Need Each Other

We too can often feel overwhelmed with life’s circumstances. What starts off as something small can soon engulf us; flooding our minds with chaos. We are not meant to do life alone though we often try. We need each other during good times and…when it feels as if all of hell as been let loose. Our disaster may not be as obvious as an historic river flood, but it’s a need just the same.

While many are helping those affected by the flood in whatever physical way they can others are in spiritual warfare on their behalf and also for Arkansas. It’s the same for us, we may need physical help, but we also need someone to come alongside us spiritually. To stand with us in prayer. To stand for us in prayer.

Heartfelt Worship

There are many ways in which we worship the Lord, such as service and giving but the one that breaks through the darkness is when we lift up our voices in praise to Him. I’m talking about heartfelt adoration pouring out of our mouths. It may come through well known songs, or your own hearts melody. These take us before the throne of God into His Holy presence. A place where darkness cannot stay. A place where darkness has to flee.


Worship is spiritual warfare


It’s time for us to go to war. To reclaim ground the enemy has tried to steal from us. We can have the Lord’s peace. We can have His joy, it’s His joy that gives us strength. We can live with the river of life flowing out of us. It may take time for us to feel as if we have fully broken through the darkness. The angel told Daniel in Daniel 10:12. that his prayer was heard the first day he humbled himself before the Lord, but it took him twenty one days to get through with the answer due to spiritual battle in the heavens. Even then another angel, Michael, had to pick up the fight allowing this one to continue on his journey to Daniel.

The Lord hears us and is for us.

The Lord gives us the victory.


Stand your ground and lift up your voice in heartfelt worship to the one who sits enthroned over the flood (Psalm 29: 10 a).

So many good heartfelt worship songs abound I like Raise a Hallelujah by Bethel Music. If you haven’t heard it I recommend you check it out. I think it will be a source of blessing and inspiration to you.

Live Radiant in Christ


Photo Credit: Photo background to the scripture Filippos Sdalias/Unsplash. All other photos are my own. Note: Photos of river and bridge were taken before the flood.