Is There Such a Thing as a Forever Love?

One quick short tap on the microphone image with my finger, a precise question and seconds later my phone speaks the answer to me. No more forever wading through a dictionary for correct meaning or spelling of a word. No more left wondering who the familiar face in the movie is? Just ask the phone.

Sitting at traffic lights waiting for red to turn green, or at a railway crossing waiting for the train to pass and barriers to lift seem to take forever: and forever can take well, forever.

“His faithful love endures forever”. Psalm 136

” How long is forever Lord?” I paused to ponder my question, “Forever seems like a long time.” I chuckled (laughed) at my last statement to the Lord as the realization of what I said hit me.

God’s forever is not our forever.

Our forever is limited, wrapped and governed by the ticktock of the clock…okay clocks are silent these days but you get my meaning. Our forever can be as short as minutes or as long as a life time; either way there is an end.

But God’s forever is literally…forever. No stopping. No pregnant pause. No almost there. No end. It’s…Infinite. Eternal. Permanent. Everlasting. Without limitation.

And in this forever His love towards us remains faithful. It doesn’t waver. It doesn’t grow cold or settle for mildly warm. God’s love stays consistently passionate.


God’s faithful love was, is and forever will be.


God's love is timeless, it's a forever love. Have you ever how long is forever?When I think of forever I think of going forward from this point on only because my mind is locked (for the time being) in time. If there is no beginning and no end to forever that means His faithful love has always loved me and you. God’s faithful love was, is and forever will be. His love is forever present.

“How great is the love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! and that is what we are!” 1 John 3:1(a)

Dear sister-in-Christ you are passionately, faithfully loved by your Heavenly Father. His love for you knows no end. It’s timeless. It’s a FOREVER Love.

If you are reading this post and do not know this lavish, faithful love of God please go to the menu and click on the Invitation page, there you will find a simple explanation of how you can know His love for you.

Live Radiant in Christ


Photo Credit: Feature Image Clock on Nightstand Benjamin Voros/Unsplash

Photo Credit: Woman Texting: Yura Fresh/Unsplash