What Your Child Will Remember the Most

Morning rush hour (not the traffic kind) is common Monday through Friday for many, especially when Mom and Dad both work outside the home. Besides getting yourself ready for work, there is also the kids to wash, feed and dress. Some needing more guidance and help than others depending on their age.

Answering a million, “Mom, where’s my….?” or, “Joey is eating my bagel. Tell him to stop.” “Can I wear my Superman cape to school?” is enough to drive any parent crazy. It’s all go when everyone in the family has to be in a billion different places by a certain time. If you have young children the scene is probably familiar to you. It certainly is to my daughter. I have her permission to tell you a recent rush hour story that happened in her home.

Mama was in the bathroom getting ready for work, when her just turned three year old came in and asked for help to put on her t-shirt. Though the t-shirt didn’t match the shorts, the child insisted on wearing it. As all mothers of small children learn, You. Pick. Your. Battles. This was not a battle worth fighting over. And all the mama’s said…”ain’t that the truth”.

First grader dropped off at school, my daughter then dropped off the little one at daycare. One more conversation with her husband before entering her office, she told him about the little one’s choice of t-shirt and how it didn’t go well with the shorts he had dressed her in.

“What shorts? I didn’t dress her. You did.”

“No. I didn’t dress her. I thought you had.”

It was then they realized their baby had entered the, I want to choose my own clothes era, and what’s more, I’m going to dress myself.

A quick phone call to the daycare revealed (you already know), the child was NOT wearing a diaper.  Not only had she dressed herself, she had also removed her night-time diaper. Oh the joys of parenthood! Though embarrassed, my daughter chose to see the silver lining; at least her daughter had not peed in the child car seat. And for that she was thankful.

Mama, don’t beat yourself up. Things happen, like sending your kid to daycare diaper-less. Stop trying to be the perfect mother. You know the type I mean, the one who in a million years would never forget to give Johnny his lunch money. The one who’s kid always looks so darn put together. The one who volunteers for everything school/church/sports related. She is fighting her own battle of people pleasing.

We strive to be the perfect mother, the perfect Christian. When really there is only one thing our child and our heavenly Father longs for.

It’s the hugs. A surprise note in their lunch box saying, You have the best smile ever. It’s the kiss on the forehead. It’s listening to their story. It’s spending time drinking tea with their teddy bears, or playing another round of Hide and Seek. These say, I love you. You matter to me. It’s not whether they have the best and cutest clothes to wear, or the latest toy. What matters most, and what they will remember is; they had your heart.

The Lord does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart. 1 Samuel 16:7b

The Lord is not impressed with all the things we do for Him. He wants to know if our hearts belong to Him. His heart is for us. He whispers, I love you. You are beautiful my child. You are mine. He listens patiently as we tell Him our story because we matter to Him.  He teaches us His ways and we grow in His likeness.

We thrive when we know we are loved.

We thrive when we know we are loved. We love others well when we are secure in love. We love ourselves when we know His love.

I’m sure you must have some rush hour stories of your own, would love to hear them.

Live radiant in Christ dear friend


Photo Credit: Building Blocks. Markus Spiske/Unsplash

Photo Credit: Little Girl. Senjuti Kundu/Unsplash