You Purchased the Conference Ticket: Now You Feel Like Backing Out.

Do you backout of events because you have no one to go with? You are not alone.

Impulse Buy

I was beginning to wish I had never purchased the ticket. In January it seemed like a wonderful idea, now April was here I wasn’t too sure. Just two weeks to go for the Be. Loved. Women’s Conference and I felt like backing out.

I am quite happy to fly internationally on my own, though the journey is tiring, I find airports fascinating. Each airport has its own personality, its own vibe. Even LAX airport didn’t seemed as intimidating in daylight hours as it had appeared at midnight.

But don’t ask me to drive solo for more than thirty minutes. You see anywhere I want to go locally is no more than a thirty minute drive. I always buy my gas at the same location, I know how to operate their pumps, so the thought of having to figure another companies pump doesn’t thrill me. I guess I’m comfortable in my routine.

The Stretch

It would be a little over two hours drive to the conference. Not far, but definitely out of my driving comfort zone. But it wasn’t just the stretching of my driving miles that bothered me.

Over the years I have backed out of many local events at the last minute. “Why?” you may ask. For the same reason that some of you back out; no-one-to-go-with. As women we love company, friends to share the moment and make memories with.

But hey, just because you or I are interested in an event doesn’t mean others are. So what is a girl to do when none of her friends are available?

We have a choice. We could stay home and pity party (done that), or we could go to the event (starting to do that).

Talk to Me

With Google Map set to give me directions I headed out into the dark of early morning and towards the freeway. I was glad I had written the directions out as the lady on Google Maps did not speak to me. Not a Word!! Having not used her for directions before I figured I must of missed a step to hearing her sweet voice.

I made it to Jonesboro with prayer and written instructions, but, Where. Was. The. Church? A helpful employee of McDonald’s fixed my Google Map problem and gave me verbal directions. In just a few minutes I arrived at my destination of Central Baptist Church. The McDonald’s lady told me I couldn’t miss it and she was right…this place was huge!

Though a large building it was not intimidating as volunteers were everywhere to help. Once seated I was soon joined by an elegant woman and her friends, we struck up conversation and I felt at ease. No feelings of sticking out like a sore thumb as if every woman there was eyeing the only woman who came on her own (me). I’m sure there must of been others who came without company. Somehow, we feel as if we are the only one.

During lunch I met a woman and her mother who use to own the meat market just half a mile from my home, and now lives within my thirty minute radius. Small world!

“Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.” Deuteronomy 31:6

There comes a time my fellow, no-one-to-go-with sisters when we have to decide to stop making excuses and go anyway. I was not alone on my journey. Jesus didn’t leave me after my thirty minute drive. No. He was with me ALL. The Time.

He Meets my Every Need

When I needed direction, He was there to alert me to the roadside sign. When I needed Google Maps, He provided someone with technical knowledge. When I needed company, He provided several women. When I needed gas, He walked me through it, and when I needed a restroom and lunch on my return journey, He provided one at the right time. Yes ladies, I ate lunch on my own in a restaurant…now, that is something most of us women don’t cherish doing. But I did it, and I was fine.

Time for us to take back what the enemy has stolen; our God given confidence. Use Godly wisdom as you travel, have fun, be adventurous, meet new people, see new places and know you are never alone.


Looking to Jesus. Living in His Radiance

Not having someone to go with has held me back many times. What is holding you back (other than funds) from attending events whether they are church related or not? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Photo Credit: Pink Roses; Alina-Sofia on Unsplash.   Church photo; Helena D