Worship on Wednesday: Not in a Hurry


Meal Time

I was told as a child not to rush my food. When my son came home for a visit after completing Army boot camp I noticed how quickly he ate; much faster than before camp. Slow down I told him. He informed me at camp if he didn’t eat fast he would not get to finish his meal.

The Lord invites us to eat at His table to spend time in His presence. This is not a meal we hurry for fear of not getting our daily quota of ration. Rather it’s a time to slow down, rest and savor His company.

Slow Down

Sit back, close your eyes and let the words of Not In A Hurry by United Pursuit flow over you as you slow down and rest in the Lord’s presence. Many thanks to my friend Ginny Heisler for introducing me to this song.


Father, I don’t want to rush in or out of your presence. Help me to slow down, to spend quality time with you. To listen with attentive ears and hear you speak. Amen.