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The Christmas tree was almost finished, just a few more baubles to go and plastic storage boxes containing Christmas bits and bobs cluttered the living room. I still had the fireplace mantle to decorate but, honestly, I didn’t have the energy to proceed. It wasn’t that I was physically tired, it was more that I felt overwhelmed at the thought of designing something pleasing to the eye. Pretty is not something I’m good at.

What was I going to do with the glass vases that resided on the mantle all year long? It wasn’t as if I had another place in the room away from the prying hands of young grandchildren to place them.

So I left the project for the next day, and for two more days after that. Plastic storage boxes continued to clutter my living room. I found myself getting grumpy and a little snappy (Oh, my poor husband). I can handle clutter for a day or two but after that I’ve had it. The clutter has to go!

Two of the vases was relocated to another room safe on a shelf in a closet, I used the other two in the design. I felt happy with my design. Simple and clutter free.

You know that one thing can lead to another, don’t you? Before I could place the plastic storage boxes back on their appropriate shelves I had to move a few items. It was then that I realized I had become a hoarder of Christmas and birthday cards. Not new cards but cards received from others and, of course I had to read every single one before deciding its fate. Many hit the recycling bin, however I did deem a handful worthy of keeping for now at least (I have a box full of received cards in another room to sift through). Along with the cards were old car magazines from 1992, yep they hit the recycle bin too.

If you were to visit me you would not consider my home cluttered, maybe a tad unkempt on times, after all homes are for living in. My clutter is neatly tucked away hidden out of sight. I realized that day I was holding onto things in my life that I should of left go a long time ago. I had my own hidden clutter tucked away that no one could see.

We do that don’t we? Hold onto things for various reasons, all of which make sense to us. At different times I have held on too long to people, to a job, to a belief system that was not in line with the Word of God. To a piece of clothing that has long gone and I mean decades out of fashion. I am well aware we don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. But gosh ladies it’s time to throw out the cold, dirty bath water. It’s not like it’s of any use to us or anyone one else for that matter.

I have closets to declutter and I have a life to declutter. How about you do you have any decluttering to do? We don’t have to wait for spring to put the past in the past.

Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.” Ps 51:1o

Only three weeks left of 2016 may we finish the year well, decluttered of the junk we have held onto. Be refreshed in the Lord and renewed in our spirit.

Note: The beautiful decorated fireplace in my photo is the work of NLC Creative team. It is part of the Christmas décor in the foyer at Church. Hmm, perhaps they could decorate mine next year…I can live in hope can’t I?

Giveaway Winner Is:

Thank you to all who shared my post Invitation to Dance. Congratulations to Camille Talbert winner of Lysa TerKeurst book Uninvited. Camille I will get in touch with you to arrange delivery of your book.

Be sure to come back next week Jill McSheehy will be my guest blogger. So excited to have Jill share with us. Heads up, she will be offering a sweet deal that you won’t want to miss.

Stay warm and free of clutter.

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