Cupcakes and Rainbows

Friday after Thanksgiving I resisted the urge to run to the stores, instead I accompanied my four year old grandson to the movies. He had seen Trolls with his parents and he wanted me to see the movie.

After purchasing our tickets we made our way to the theatre. The kind with reclining seats and lots of room between the rows. It took me a moment or two to figure out how to recline the seats but soon we were sitting comfortably watching the preview of upcoming movies.

The opening music for Trolls started and without hesitation my grandson was on his feet dancing. In fact he danced every time music was played, and believe me there is an abundance of music and singing in the film. Thankfully we were seated in the back row where his dancing would not disturb the other movie goers.

cupcakesThe story is about choosing to be happy, but as we well know happiness depends on our circumstances. There are happy occasions and there are sad occasions. A time to rejoice and a time to weep, or as one sad character in the film reminded the ever singing and dancing princess, “Life is not all cupcakes and rainbows.”

Lets get real, none of us are in a happy state one hundred percent of the time. We have days that are cupcake and rainbow-less, some days are more burnt toast and thunderstorms. Circumstances in life yoyo so much it can easily send us on an emotional rollercoaster.

Is there a way for a more even ride? The answer to the question is yes.

“But godliness actually is a source of great gain when accompanied by contentment [that contentment which comes from a sense of inner confidence based on the sufficiency of God].” 1 Timothy 6:6 Amp Bible

Having an inner confidence that God has me no matter what happens causes me to be content. Which in turn positions me to be at peace, resulting in no more being tossed around on the emotional rollercoaster.

So instead of pursuing a constant state of happiness or choosing to remain in sadness lets choose to put our confidence in God and move forward in Him. He is the all sufficient one, the one who loves us and cares deeply for us. His joy is our strength through all circumstances.

Emotional roller coasting wears us out, but if wait for Him [expect, look for and hope in Him] we will mount up like eagles and we will run and not become weary.

Choose Trust in God

Choose Godliness with Contentment

Choose Peace that only Jesus can give.

Time for us to choose to get off the emotional rollercoaster. Will you make that decision today? If so, talk with your Heavenly Father. He is ready and waiting to be Lord of your emotions.

Looking to Jesus. Living in His Radiance.


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