Thanksgiving: Trap of Comparison.

Comparison is good when you are shopping. Who doesn’t want a good quality item at a good price. However, comparison is not good when we compare ourselves with each other.

I’m as guilty as the next woman when it comes to comparing myself with others. Sure, these days I have a better understanding than my younger self did but, I’m not immune to the trap.

silverwareAs I await my turn in the checkout line at the grocery store I am confronted with magazines displaying elegant and beautiful decorated dinning tables ready for Thanksgiving. Maye you have the skills to pull off some of the displays shown. I don’t. My home decorating skills are almost zero. Now, saying that I’m fairly good at painting walls and woodwork. But the finishing touches; not so much.

I see posts on Facebook showing off awesome table displays and I’m pleased for the person. I hit like or post a comment telling them how beautiful it is, while at the same time feeling a tad disappointed in myself for not being able to rise to their standard of homemaker.

I walk into homes with stunningly beautiful tables. Not just the lager than life centerpiece, the whole table is elegantly set for dinner, napkins, cutlery even the glasses and china. They have gone the whole hog and the celebration is still days away. I stand and admire the creative workmanship and once again the feeling of disappointment invades my thoughts.

Instead of learning from the creative homemaker, gathering some of their ideas to use myself, I spend a moment in self pity. A moment which can turn into a day, a week or a life time of feeling not enough and I don’t want to live that way.

I have learned to run immediately to the Lord. To stamp on those thoughts of self pity and feelings of inadequacy. The ones that tell me I’m useless and don’t match up to my more creatively gifted sisters. The thoughts that did not originate from my heavenly Father but rather from the enemy of my soul. The enemy who wants to cause division, the enemy who wants to steal my peace,  the enemy who wants to take my focus away from what the Lord has gifted me to be and do and instead trap me into focusing on what I am not.

Be on the alert against comparisons.

Whether like me you have felt lacking or maybe from the other end of the spectrum you have looked down on those who are not as gifted as you. Thanksgiving is not about how awesome, or not, our celebratory decorations are. It’s about thankfulness. Thankful for God’s provision in our daily lives and thankful for His provision of Jesus. It’s about His love and sharing that love.

Lets not waste time in comparison but rather in celebrating each others uniqueness. For we are fearfully and wonderfully made. This Thanksgiving be you, the one God created you to be. Live, love and serve as only you can. No one else can be a better you.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone


Looking to Jesus. Living in His Radiance.

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