What’s Under Your Foot?

popsicleHe had that look! The look every mother, grandmother and kindergarten teacher is all too familiar with.  It’s the, I’ve done something and don’t want you to know about it look.

I don’t often see that look in my four year grandson.  He is usually an up-front kind of kid but there it was as plain as daylight. He had been sucking on a red popsicle which was evident by his red tongue and red circle around his lips. He stood between the sofa and the coffee table and as I walked past him his head lowered and his eyes sheepishly looked up at me. Quickly I glanced over his small frame in search of the something he didn’t want me to know about.

His left foot was firmly planted on the floor but his right foot hovered ever so slightly above the ground. I’ve been around far too long for a four year old to pull the wool over my eyes. “What’s under your foot?” I asked. He slowly moved his foot out of the way. There on the floor was a blob of melted red popsicle. Not a big deal to me (I have wooden floors) but it was to him.

I told him,”Don’t hide your mess. Tell me and we can clean it up.” The words were no sooner out of my mouth when the profoundness of the statement hit me.

How often as adults do we hide our mess hoping those close to us will not see it?

Hoping the Lord will not see it?

Sooner or later my grandson would have needed to put his hovering foot down in order to maintain the cover-up. He is a smart four year old but I don’t think he had thought it through. The red popsicle blob would have attached itself to the sole of his shoeless foot, so taking the mess with him wherever he walked.

We walk around unbalanced trying to hide the blobs in our lives. Thinking if we can somehow hide them out of sight they will no longer exist. But they do! We take them with us wherever we go.

They follow us.  Coloring the way we perceive ourselves and God. We put so much effort into hiding our blobs that we fail to see our loving Heavenly Father holding out His hand willing and eager to clean us up.

“O Lord my God, I cried to you for help, and You have healed me.” AMP Psalm 30:2

He has been around far to long for us to pull the wool over His eyes. He knows every blob that has attached itself to us. Every blob that keeps us messed up. He waits for us to look to Him and ask Him to clean up the blobs in our lives and make us clean.

Please don’t hesitate.  He is waiting to heal you.


Looking to Jesus. Living in His Radiance


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