Who’s Trumpet Are You Blowing?

trumpet-player-8455_1920As a new blogger thirsty for knowledge, I read article after article trying to understand what was required to grow my blog. Some informed me that growing my email list was the most important, while others talked about the use of various social media such as Instagram and Twitter. “Make a tweetable statement.” Excuse me! You expect me to Tweet as well as write a blog post? What was that? Get a author Facebook page too? Oh my, and all I wanted to do was write a blog. Help!!

Help came from fellow bloggers in the writing group I attend, Scribes for Christ. As a non technical person it was a relief to find out I didn’t need to be involved with every social media outlet available. I’m not the type to have my head constantly bowed over my phone, though with all the articles I’ve read via my phone recently, I think my husband would disagree.

Not My Platform

Other than the technical side of blogging I think my biggest issue has been the mental hurdle of building a platform. As a Christian the thought of promoting myself did not sit well with me. If I was a business owner I don’t think I would have a problem promoting my business or the service I provided, but promote me? I don’t think so.

Two dear writing friends, Jill McSheehy and Vickie Petz Henderson, explained, while co-leading one of the writing group meetings, how we are not building platforms to make ourselves known but rather, to make Jesus known. Now I understood.

The public may read the words I type and they may associate my name and face with my blog site Grace Lace and Polkadots. I may even get Likes/Comments/Shares which is great (all of that helps visibility). Some may tell me how the article in the post blessed them (wonderful, glad they were blessed). My stats may go off the charts (I can only hope). But if I do all this to make myself famous then I have missed the point. As Jill and Vickie informed the writing group, we build platforms to make Jesus known not ourselves.

Who’s Platform Are You Building?

Platform building is not only for bloggers, it invades every area of our lives. When we go about our daily duties is it all about me? Are we promoting ourselves or Christ? Who exactly are we representing? I’m not suggesting we shy away from being leaders, or not use the gifts and talents the Lord has given us. Heck no! Go ahead and use them, but use them as a platform to make known His love, grace and forgiveness.

Love how the Message Bible writes 1 Corinthians 1:31 “If you’re going to blow a horn, blow a trumpet for God.”

The platform belongs to Jesus and we get to blow a trumpet for Him. May we all be in tune with the Lord.


Looking to Jesus: Living in His Radiance.

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