Give Me Words to Write

computer-313840_1920I clicked on the “Add New” button ready to begin a post on my blog, Grace Lace and Polkadots. Although I wasn’t fully convinced of the topic I typed anyway hoping that as I wrote somehow it would all fall into place. After editing it several times I still wasn’t happy with the post; something was wrong.

My week had been mentally exhausting and I felt drained of creativity. For five eight hour days I listened to lectures and during lunch times I crammed in online modules. Words! So many words coming at me day after day it’s no wonder my mind was in word overload.

“Publish” and “Move to Trash” buttons sit in the same box, one written in red and the other written in white surrounded by a blue box. I had a choice to make.  Red or blue? My brain told me the post was okay, not wonderful but okay. My heart told me otherwise, it was not a good message I was just writing to have something to post; definitely not the way I want to write or what I want my readers to read.

“Gracious words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.” Proverbs 16:24 NIV

Before I write I always ask the Lord for inspiration, for words to write that encourage other women in their walk with Him. That day as I read my post I knew the words were neither encouraging nor inspired. I hit the “Move to Trash” button and my post was gone where it belonged.

Once again I hit “Add New” and stared at the page for quite sometime before closing, leaving it as blank as I started. The process was repeated at various intervals over the next week. Nothing! Nada! Not just a blank page but a blank mind. I felt as if I would never have words of encouragement flowing from my finger tips again.

But God showed me He is not finished with me yet. There in my email box sat another bloggers latest post 14 Things To Remember When Writing Is Hard by Christa Hutchins. They were all good points but number 14 leaped off the page and into my heart.

“There are more words in me. I’m not done yet.

God’s not done yet. You’re not done yet.”

Christa Hutchins: Do A New Thing . Com

No, the Lord is not done with me and He is not done with you. He created the world with His words and His words speak life to us, changing us to be more like Him everyday.

He will give you the creativity you need to accomplish the task He has ordained for you, whether it is writing, singing, dancing, graphics, leadership or how to manage a houseful of children, remember God is on your side, lean in and trust Him.

There are more words to be written in your life story.  Words that are inspired through the Holy Spirit and a source of encouragement to others. Tune your ear to the Lord and let Him give you words to write.


Leave a comment and share how you handle the dry times when creativity seems to have left. Look forward to hearing from you.

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