The Father’s Delight

“The dog got out” my daughter informed me over the telephone as she drove the twenty miles from work to home. I immediately went over to my daughter’s house as we only live a short distance from each other. Sure enough the side gate was wide open and Cooper was gone. Animal Services had joined in the search but to no avail. The fear was that he would make his way to the towns busy main boulevard.

The Sighting.

With a keen eye and a calm voice the man from Animal Services asked as he pointed down the street, “Is that him?” Sure enough it was and although in his own street, Cooper was still a distance from the safety of home. I called out his name loud enough for him to hear while at the same time trying not to sound frantic and scare him off.

Cooper’s Return

It worked! He came bounding up the street, ran two circles around me, and proceeded to run straight into the familiar surroundings of his backyard. I followed him through the open gate, closing it behind me.  He was happy beyond ecstatic to be home. After running a few laps around the yard he decided to do a merry dance outside the back door. Moments later my daughter arrived home, the sound of the car remote locking the door caused Cooper to sing in anticipation as he danced; a delightful sight indeed.

The Father’s Delight

As I watched this unfold I thought how our Heavenly Father delights in our return home to Him when we have strayed. Whether we bolted out of the church gate or wandered out, the end result is the same.  We stop fellowshipping with other believers, stop reading the bible, stop praying, and eventually stop listening for our Heavenly Father’s voice.

It’s time to come home dear one. Your Heavenly Father is calling (your name here), perk up those ears and listen and you will recognize His familiar voice. Respond like Cooper and come bounding back home.  You too will be beyond ecstatic that you did. Okay, maybe you won’t run two laps around the church parking lot or sing and dance outside the door but you will have a glad heart and your Heavenly Father will be delighted to have you home.

When Cooper and my daughter were reunited I couldn’t tell who was the most relieved. It will be the same for you and your Heavenly Father both of you happy. You won’t be coming home to an empty house the whole family is waiting to celebrate with you.

“So he got up and went to his father. But while he was still a long way off, his father saw him and was filled with compassion for him; he ran to his son, threw his arms around him and kissed him”. Luke 15:20

If you need help finding your way back to our Heavenly Father I would be honored to help you.