God’s Waterfall

The roDSCF0731cky face of the mountain towered majestically above the cold water of the fjord and oh so near to the boat as we inched closer to the cascading beautiful avalanche of white aqua. The closer we got to the waterfall the wetter we became. It was time to put my camera away and stop being a spectator.  It was time to be fully immersed in the moment.

The powerful flow of water hit the rock face generously spraying all on top deck. We stayed under the continual spray for just a few minutes and I soaked in every precious second, lifting my face upwards receiving the refreshing reviving water allowing it to wash over me. I could have chosen to sit in the lower enclosed deck protected from the spray by a glass window, seeing but not experiencing the wonder of the waterfall.

Waterfalls vary in their supply throughout the year but God’s love continually pours through His son Jesus. Each day I have a choice to make.  Do I let His love wash over me, reviving and refreshing me, do I stand in His presence and receive from him, or do I sit in the lower deck watching but not experiencing, admiring but not receiving the love He wants me to have.

“Reach out and experience the breath! Test its length! Plumb the depths! Rise to the heights! Live full lives, full in the fullness of God.” Ephesians 3 Message Bible

Today, I choose to stand with my arms held high in surrender to His love, my face uplifted by Him and be fully immersed in His waterfall of love for me. Only by receiving His love will I be able to love Him, love myself, and love others.

What will you choose today? Open top deck or lower covered deck?